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Welcome !

Sure, there are allready many websites about EEP... but as far as known a few or even none in English. I'm very convinced that there are many non-German users, so this website may be useful for them (and for you as a visitor at this moment).

Myself, I'm enjoying EEP for a while (since version 6), but I like to communicate with other users in English by sharing some information about EEP.

Since august 2015 I'm besides user also a model constructor, you can find information about my creations on this website.

As I'm also programmer, I made some tools for EEP, totally free to get !

One great remark : I'm not going to invent the wheel here again, so you'll find a lot of usefull links on this pages which will lead you through everything there's to know about EEP.

So, thanks for visiting this website, I hope it's of any use to you...

EepNolie (NR1)

Building your own railroad scenery...

The main goal of "EEP-Eisenbahn" is to let you create a complete scenery with tracks, trains, stations, signals, streets, cars, buildings, trees, ... building a complete landscape from zero, let the trains and cars move around your scenery... it's great fun !

You can schedule your trains, let them stop and start by using signals, just like the model trains, but this time on your computer screen.


Building a virtual layout with available elements (models)


Make your layout alive like a real (model)environment

Extending the possibilities

Every version of EEP contains "Modellen", the "bricks" to build your scenery. There are trains, houses, churches, railways, roads, trees, signals, ... put this all together and you have a quite realistic 3D-scenery.

You can extend your collection of "models", some of them are completely free, others have to be bought at the Trend-website. There are mainly two "categories", those for versions up to EEP 6, and others for version EEP-7 and higher, since the construction of the models is changed since version 7.

The prices of the non-free models is mostly about 2-3 euros. It has to be said that an expanded collection can cost a few hunderd euro's, but I think it's worth to buy some extra's (no, I'm not a shareholder of Trend !?).

Controlling your scenery

Naturally all your trains, signals and switches for the junctions have to be controlled, otherwise trains would collide. Until the release of plugin 2 for EEP-X it was necessary to build a kind of extra track on your scenery with signals and switches and a certain "rolling stock" that was continiously running around. By accessing the sensors for the signals some actions could be taken to set signals, stop and start trains, ...

Since plugin 2 for EEP-X it's possible to write code in EEP, the script-language used is Lua. With this code the extra controls can be reduced or removed completely. Understanding the code is naturally necessary, but Lua is very simple and logically structured.

EEP impressions

Great impression videos made by Uwe Fischer (UF1).