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On this page you'll find links to interesting sites, video's, ... and also downloads (manuals, textures, ...).

For downloading my free models, go to the "My models" page.

So go to :

- Useful links
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Useful links

Links to sites, FAQ's, ...

Click on the image to go to the linked page.

Official webshop

Official forum for discussions and news about EEP

French spoken forum

Website for hobby-designers for EEP and HomeNos

Free Model index and more

Official tutorial video's (EEP 12+)


Some things to download ...


Duisburger apartment buildings shop textures (V13NNR10026) download
Car dealer showroom textures (V11NNR10012 / V11NNR10013) download
Shopping center textures (V80NNR10007) download
Tunneltexture for tunnel entrance for use with V72FreeAS1_018 (Free model by AS1) download
Belgian Vitaro collection : texture model Vitaro download
Belgian Bus collection : texture model for shopmodel "Mercedes Bus Citaro" (V70NUK20011) download
Biergartenschirme texture for free model by LD1 download


Blockfile for apartment building Set 1 - V11NNR10016 (bl9) download
Blockfile with invisible spline for underground garage entrance - V13NNR10022 / V13NNR10024 (bl15) download
Blockfiles for Shopping Center set - V80NNR10007 (bl9-bl15-bi9-bi15) download


Example layout for prefabricated paneled building construction kit (Plattenbau(kasten)) - V13NNR10028 download


Lua language guide download
LUA example script for controlling one or multiple crossroads with traffic lights download

Images & banners


EEP impressions

Great impression videos made by Uwe Fischer (UF1).

EEP TSM trailers