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Downloads and links

On this page you'll find links to interesting sites, video's, ... and also downloads (manuals, textures, ...).

For downloading my free models, go to the "My models" page.


Useful links

Links to forum sites, FAQ's, (instruction) video's, ...


 Category Description
Forum - general EEP Forum (mostly in German with some threads in English)
Instruction video's Official EEP Workshop video's (90) by Goetz (English)



Recommended sites

Some recommended sites are listed here (mostly in German)...


 Link Information
Dampfheini - HG4  
  A good friend and constructor
EEP Werkstatt DL1  
EEP Kataloge Catalog site by Tycoon (textures, free models, lists)




Some downloadable files...


Tunneltexture for tunnel entrance for use with V72FreeAS1_018 (Free model by AS1) download
Belgian Vitaro collection : texture model Vitaro download
Belgian Bus collection : texture model for shopmodel "Mercedes Bus Citaro" (V70NUK20011) download
Biergartenschirme texture for free model by LD1 download
 LUA guides  
Lua guide download
 LUA scripts & layouts  
LUA script for controlling one or multiple crossroads with traffic lights download



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