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The history of EEP-Eisenbahn

On this page you'll find the history of EEP, illustrated with images, videos and links.

The first generation - Eisenbahn.exe

The first version of what is now called "EEP-Eisenbahn" is "born" in 1998-1999, published by Software Undergrund, and was named "Eisenbahn.exe european class". It was developed for Windows 95/98. Some extensions were added later.

In 2002 there was "Eisenbahn.exe professionell (EEP)", also known as version 2. The licence was transferred to Trend Redaktions- & Verlagsgesellschaft mbH in 2003. For this version, 5 add-on cd's were developed.

EEP 2 - EEP 6

The first real "EEP" version 2(.43) was launched in a metal box, a new tradition.  Next was version 3 (2004), a version that was sold for 250.000 times (as mentioned by Trend). It was followed by versions 4 (2005) and 5 (2006). Version 5 could be extended with plugins. Version 6 (2008) was the updated version 5 with the plugins included.


EEP 7 - EEP 9

A new graphical engine was introduced in version 7 (september 2010). Also an activation procedure through the internet was included. 5 plugins where developed later (one of them allowed to edit in 3D-view), and in november 2011 version 8 was released (a "Basic-version" and an "Expert-version" which included all the plugins of EEP version 7). Two extra plugins were developed later.

In october 2012 version 9 was released. The "Expert-version" was available for the first time as a 64-bit version. The "Professional-Version" was still 32-bit. Version 9 included also plugins 1 & 2 of version 8.


A complete new version 10 (or called "Eisenbahn-X") was released in november 2013, it included all the plugins of version 9. The 2-D interface was updated and the graphics were improved. For this version, 2 plugins were released, the 2nd plugin allows scripting and disables the need for control circuits. EEP-X was available in 2 versions : a Basic and an Expert version.

The Expert-version had more functionalities, and also the price was higher than the Basic-version.


EEP 11

At the 28th of November 2014, Trend releases EEP 11.  This time there is only one version. Again, this version includes the plugins of earlier version X (10), and a few new features like "Gizmo" to move objects easier in the 3D-view without using a dialog window. Also are symbols used to show more information, like the moving directions of the rolling stock. Trend also promises to have better control over the Omega's (moving people and animals).


The first patch for EEP 11 is released at the end of January 2015, together with the first plugin (to use te plugin the patch has to be installed).

The plugin includes new road models and automated crossings with traffic lights and also a new wizzard for creating the LUA-code for "Immobilien" (houses, factory's, doors, ...)

    - Watch the video about the crossings here (German spoken)
    - Watch the video about the wizzard here (German spoken)

The second plugin for EEP 11 is released at the end of April 2015, and again before installing this plugin a new patch (update 2) must first be installed.


Plugin 2 includes these new functions :

    - new Lua functions for rolling stock
    - wizard for rolling stock
    - extension of the timetable
    - virtual train station
    - extended wizard for structures and track objects


Plugin 3 for EEP 11 is released at the 10th of July 2015, before installing this plugin, patch 3 must first be installed.

Plugin 3 includes these new functions :

    - facility to place backgrounds outside the layout to create more 3d-effect
    - extended copying of roads, tracks and splines
    - Lua functions to detect track-occupation
    - extended Lua functions for camera
    - Lua function to open another layout


EEP 12

It is becoming a yearly tradition : a new version of EEP is released at the 26th of November 2015.  Trend goes back to a two-version release, a Basic and an Expert version.

The complete line of plugins of EEP-11 is included in the Expert version, the Basic version has less features.

- Datasheet Basic version
- Datasheet Expert version
- Datasheet EEP-11 <> EEP-12 Basic <> EEP-12 Expert

EEP-12 includes a complete video tutorial series.


The first (and only) plugin for EEP 12 is released in February 2016 (to use te plugin the free update 1 has to be installed).

The plugin sets the focus to water-animations : new water splines, reflections, "swimming" models...

EEP 13

On October 26 2016, one month earlier as traditionally, EEP 13 is released. The "water-plugin" from EEP 12 is included. Some new features :

    - new sky backgrounds with rainbows
    - creating and storing of blocks over combinated layers (except for signals, contacts and rolling stock)
    - random size variation for landscape elements
    - tooltips for all models (editable)
    - gamepad control
    - extended GBS functions
    - multi-threading for higher frame rates
    - individual sound settings for start-up, brake, coupling (expert version)
    - switch sound can be turned off (expert version)
    - variable transparency for control-, radar-, and LUA-window
    - mouse-controlled camera alignment in the radar window

In April 2017 the first plugin for EEP 13 is released. EEP 13 has to be updated to version 13.1 first, this is normally done automatically. New features are added and some corrections are made :

    - new animated figures
    - changed features in overview window
    - new context-menus in overview window
    - new invisible signals
    - extended possibilities for the train depots
    - extended editor for driveways
    - new GBS elements
    - formatting of Tip-texts
    - new soundmodules for personal sounds
    - new LUA functions


5th July 2017 : the 2nd plugin for EEP 13 is released. EEP 13 has to be updated to version 13.2 first, this is normally done automatically. New features are added and corrections are made :

    - SSAO mode - boost of the plastic impression with 3D-elements
    - new one-lane roads
    - new features for driveways
    - new functions for exchange track & driveway styles
    - lock objects (2D and 3D mode)
    - height filter
    - new options for the animated characters contacts
    - train selection favorites in the control dialog
    - new GBS elements
    - new models (Unimog, goods, signals)
    - new LUA functions



EEP 14

EEP 14 was released at the 19th October 2017. This version traditionally includes the 2 plugins from EEP 13.  There is an expert and a basic version available.

29th March 2018 : the first plugin for EEP 14 is released. As usual, an update is available. At user request, the update (and patch) function is now selectable and can be postponed, but for the plugin the update has to be done. New features are added and corrections are made :

    - new models with support of the "PhysX" from Nvidia
    - gamepad control of moving model axes
    - function button : Fix load
    - extended editing option of tracks in the 2D and 3D editor
    - transformation of the traffic system for roads between single-lane and multi-lane
    - modified assignment of train names at splitting (train name retention)
    - comfortable change of the signal and turnout ID
    - separate storage path for recording videos and images
    - new and enhanced LUA features
    - new LUA functions
    - mouse-controlled camera alignment in the radar window


The second plugin for EEP 14 was announced in the official EEP forum, but was never released. The large amount of new announced features didn't allow the release, probably because of the development of EEP 15.

EEP 15

This version is the first version of EEP which is multilingual (German, English and French). The language is selectable at installation. This version is released on the 15th of november 2018.

13th July 2019 : release of plugin 1 for EEP 15, also accompanied by a mandatory update.

New features :

    - positioning function for models with variable distances
    - advanced search for models in the layouts
    - flexible import of terrain height maps
    - new automatic loading function : hydraulic hook lift
    - new lighting functions for models : dimming and switching lights
    - improved Lua-Editor functions : full-text search, text replacement
    - 6 new commands for Lua scripts
    - shadow intensity is adjustable
    - track consoles are now freely nameable

EEP 16

This version is released at the end of october 2019.

New features :

    - new curve shapes with flexible properties for all lanes - support for the 'trax' library
    - improved editor functionality in many areas : copy tracks, create parallel lines, close track gaps, ...
    - revolutionary new model selection : search your own model inventory and filter according to intuitive criteria + find suitable shop models
    - integration with the EEP Model Catalog
    - new top model included : DB Class 147 electric locomotive

19th December 2019 : release of plugin 1 for EEP 16, accompanied by a mandatory update.

New features :

    - new curve shape clothoid
    - execution of commands at contact points can be permitted / prohibited on a time-controlled basis
    - contact points have a selective effect on the objects to be controlled
    - grid offset and new grid in 3D
    - contact point for the camera for a specific vehicle
    - new function in 3D mode to turn a vehicle in a train set
    - camera follows the shape of the terrain in "Walkers" mode
    - turnout switching function automatically changes its own state to the previously specified position after being run over
    - block track connection at the beginning or end of a route
    - complete train controllable in manual mode
    - complete unlocking for all locked objects
    - 30 new Lua commands
    - additional models included

20th May 2020 : release of plugin 2 for EEP 16, accompanied by a mandatory update. There are 2 package versions, depending on the purchased version, more models are included.

New features :

    - endless tracks on one level
    - docking real estate and landscape elements
    - automatic switch construction
    - control of the vehicle axles (in groups)
    - configurable catenary masts
    - additional models included depending on buyed package version


1st October 2020 : release of plugin 3 for EEP 16, accompanied by a mandatory update. This plugin comes with numerous new features that have been on the wish-list of EEP fans for a long time.

Most important new features :

    - new track type (spatial)
    - Skydome - sky, environment and space
    - saved trains (RSS file) now with the position of goods
    - establishing track connections (closing a gap in the track) in the 3D editing mode
    - virtual connections in 3D editing mode

2nd February 2021 : release of plugin 4 for EEP 16, again an update is necessary (Update 4).

Plugin features :

    - animation of construction works
    - 3 new splines with variable areas
    - new construction vehicles with specific functions in 5 sets
    - adjustment option of the terrain height for a route in the 3D editor
    - extension of the Lua function EEPSetPerspectiveCamera

More information here


EEP 17

Currently test are ongoing for the new version EEP 17.


EEP Train Simulator Mission

At the start of April 2017, Trend releases EEP Train Simulator Mission.

The basic idea is to offer complex tasks related to the railway, instead of building or admiring a ready made scenery, the user has to complete a mission as a locomotive engineer or an operator.

With this program you don't build layouts yourself, but you complete tasks, with the look-and-feel of EEP.

The latest version is 1.122.


On the 18th of April 2018, a extra module for EEP Train Simulator Mission is released : "EEP TSM Gotthardbahn Nordrampe Modul Erstfeld".